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Happy Holidays!!

Merry Christmas! :D

I hope everyone's having a great holiday!!! 

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Fanart: Glee - Sam and Kurt

Sam and Kurt building snowmen. I approached this trying to keep in mind each character and how they would, in-character, make a snowman. Including the materials each would use to construct their 'creative vision'.


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SPN: Dean/Castiel BigBang Artwork

Artwork for "Reaching for the Ground"
Author:  carmexgirl 
For the Dean/Castiel Big Bang.

Title: Reaching for the Ground
Author: carmexgirl
Fandom/Genre: Supernatural
Pairing(s): Dean/Castiel
Rating: R
Word Count: 23,500
Warnings: Spoilers through 5x22; veers off canon at that point so could be considered AU. Some violent imagery including death of an OC minor (in flashback). The rest is mostly lighthearted fluff.

Summary: Life has become rather tedious for Castiel (Sheriff of Heaven, voice of reason, sometime gardener), so when he sees a mysterious figure lurking around Dean's house in Cicero, he returns to earth to investigate. From there, he and Sam (Sheriff of Hell, commander of demons, specialist in contract negotiations) embark upon a series of convoluted plans involving a wendigo, a ghost, witches and a chupacabra with an identity crisis, to try and get Dean back into hunting. Succeeding is one thing; whether Castiel can finally admit the true nature of his feelings for Dean to the man himself is entirely another.

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Unexpected Rendevous": Fanart Commission

I've been trying to juggle working on several commissions at once in an attempt to get through my queue faster. So here's the most recent one that I finished.

Fanart commission. A crossover of the characters November 11 (a personal favorite of mine too.) from 'Darker than Black ' and Ren Ichimoku from 'Hell Girl' (Haven't seen it.) 

The commissioner wanted a sexy scene between the two characters.

And again I am made of fail in the keeping it a simple color sketch. :facepalm:  It's part getting caught up in the content and part not being satisfied with a more unfinished look I guess.

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LMAO!! "It's Brittany,...  .. ... Bitch. "  Best line of the episode! Doesn't beat "I've never had balls in my mouth. Have you?" (Perhaps you haven't, Sam, but no one believes you haven't thought about it. ;)  ) from last week but homoerotic subtext always wins! ;)

I'm sort of 50/50 on last night's Glee, but... (Read more...Collapse )


First of 4 pencil sketch commissions for my "biggest fan" ;)  tygati .

This is a drawing of her namesake, Tygati. As usual I got a bit carried away, especially with the hair. I need to remind myself that 'sketch' doesn't mean what I apparently think it means. :sweatdrop:

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Long fanfics are like crack to me and the more epic the better. I also have almost desperately been wanting to do fanart for my favorite series/characters, Castiel (Supernatural) in particular.  So when I came across the Supernatural: Dean/Castiel Big Bang , I had to participate. :D  

Dean and Castiel are my favorite SPN characters and one of my all-time favorite pairings (Seifer/Squall (FF8) will probably always be #1, although if any pair could top them ;)  it would be Dean and Cas. I'm a sucker for a good "fire/ice" dynamic and hey, angel !!!)

So here's my illustration for the MiniBang story, "For Now We See Through a Glass Darkly" by Purrrrin.
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Yay. Another commission down! And another commission where I forgot the meaning of 'sketch'. :facepalm: But hey, the way I look at it, for me it's a sketch ;)  and knowing it's supposed to be a sketch lets me slap my hand when I start to get too carried away. So progress? lol

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On a lighter note...

Warning: Extreme Cuteness!!


The job situation still sucks and soooooo much not in the good way. I'm going crazy looking for work; money's running out, bills coming due, applying for projects on freelance job sites. (Which actually may be an underlying part in the inspiration that's struck me, I'm in a project mindset with all the job proposals I've had to write. )

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Glee cartoon: "Like an Angel..."

The idea for this hit me about a week or so ago and wouldn't let go until I drew it. It may not be as funny as I'd like or it could be, but I think it's cute.

It's a crossover with Supernatural, so it kinda helps if you watch both Supernatural and Glee.

For those unfamiliar with Supernatural or Glee, a brief, relevant and a little cracky overview is below the cartoon which includes spoilers for seasons 4 and 5 of Supernatural and season 1 of Glee.)
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"Heat: Pokemon fanart commission

:I'm not into Pokemon, but I enjoyed the chance to work on some fanart. I've been wanting to do more fanart, however I've had to focus on my own original work or original commissions, so there's not much opportunity.

This is Homura from Pokemon. The commissioner wanted me to make him more realistic and sexy. ;)  (And she asked for the shirt off, so that's not me, .... this time. ;)   Read more...Collapse )

Glee - "And we have a jumper."

 If you're not watching Glee, you soooo should be!

Tuesday's episode was amaaazing. I still get teary-eyed just from looking at screen-caps or even thinking about a certain scene. >.<, Gah!! It's happening again.

Anyway, I love that cracky, amazing, gut-punching show,... and I can't stand musicals, so go figure.

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Like much of fandom, I have mixed reaction to the S5 finale. I was left with more "wuh?!" than "WOW!!!" It wasn't bad, but it kinda was, and it wasn't awesome either, but it kinda was too. I just... don't know. I've thought about it since Thursday, read commentary, and I realized what the problem is: it’s shrimp cocktail.Read more...Collapse )

Happy Birthday to me!

Had cake. Really good cake. :)  

Had planned to just spend the day kicked back, playing video games or whatever else I wanted to do that I've been too busy and stressed to waste the time for. So far that plan's been a bust. :(  I've had some work I needed to get done and other things have sidetracked me.  But I have about an hour of my birthday left, so there's still time to goof-off. lol We'll see how that goes. ;)

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My job/ $$$ situation is very not good right now. I'm still looking for work, but my money is running out and I have a lot of bills to pay. (Getting a private loan to pay for school was a bad idea.) :(   The stress of it all is really getting to me, and I wonder almost everyday whether I should just hang up trying to pursue an art career. Part of it is the pressure of trying to 'make a name for myself' but part of it is doubts and feeling like I'm out of my league. That I'm foolish to think I'm good enough to get professional work. I see what's out there, my 'competition', and it's soooo intimidating some days. :sigh:

... But I didn't get into the debt of student loans to just give up, and it is work I love doing. (when there is work :sigh: ) So....

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Happy Holidays!!

Happy Holidays!

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Wings calendar: "Broken Wings, In-progress

Broken Wings wip
by ~Neemeister on deviantART

Cool!! I just discovered a nifty share function on DeviantArt. :)

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Happy Turkey Day!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

(And don't worry about him, he's the turkey that got away, as seen in the full painting)Read more...Collapse )

Wings calendar: Another one down

One more finished. Yay! One angel down, 3 to go! ;)

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WhooHooo!! I am the Deal-meister!

Whoohooo! Tonight I got seasons 1-3 of Supernatural on dvd brand new, still sealed, from Best Buy... for FREE!!! Read more...Collapse )

Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!! :D

FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
I know I haven't been posting much. Still working away on the calendar, but things are going slower than I expected. :(

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Wings calendar project

As I think I mentioned, I got a bit of a late start on the calendar. Considering I intended to start in June or July, yeah 'a bit'. I had painting concepts planned out months ago, but only had a chance to begin design/composition work recently. :(  A few days ago I finally finished the sketch for the final piece of the 12 that needed one.Read more...Collapse )



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