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neemeister's Journal

Tempest's Little Dark Corner of the Realm
8 May
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Friending policy: If you like me, you're more than welcome to friend me. I would be happy to have you. :D

I'm an artist, working towards making it professionally (so far mostly unsuccessfully, but I'm not giving up!). I accept commissions, but am also looking for illustration work that's a bit more stable and reliable.

I mostly use this journal as an expression of my art and the process of it. I enjoy seeing other artists discuss their techniques and thoughts/ ideas behind their work and thought it would be fun to share some of mine.

I love color and playing with it in interesting ways. I also love the male form ;) and like playing with that in interesting ways as well. lol

I have other interests too that I may share from time to time, usually more fandomy stuff but I'm a computer and videogame geek (as well as an art and fandom geek) so don't be surprised if I suddenly geek-out about some cool new game (on the off chance I actually have the time or money to have one :sigh:) or my awesomeness in battling/upgrading the innards of my computer. lol

I used to write in Final Fantasy Viii fandom as "Lady Tempest" and also original stories (and some fanart too). I'm focusing on my art now since it's my passion and my career aspiration, putting my writing on a backburner until I can pursue it as a hobby again. I still have a lot of story ideas I'd love to see realized, but it's more likely to come as illustrations first at this point.